Monthly Archives: March 2015

CurlingAt last, something to shout about in our season of curling as the Eastwood Govan Rotary Curling team.

Steve Malloy and Ronnie Munn represented the Eastwood half of the team and it all came together in a final "thrashing" of the Strathaven II team at Hamilton last Tuesday evening (17th March).

A great team performance saw Eastwood Govan win by 11 point to 2 and ensured that we didn't end up at the bottom of the league table. It augurs well for next year as new and enthusiastic curlers look to be involved. (That means you Richard, and you Rob and hopefully Mr Brunton will also be back).

For those who can't quite understand this rather strange results board, it means that Eastwood Govan scored points in the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th ends totalling 11, while Strathaven scored in the 2nd and 3rd ends, totalling 2.

We are delighted with the positive response to our 'Walk for Eastwood' sponsored event. See here for more details - WALKPAGE

We now have commitment from a number of organisations including RBS, Cosgrove Care, Eastwood Conservatives (there's a challenge for the other parties right there!), RAMH, ASDA and Maxwell Mearns Castle Church.

So, tell your friends and let's work together to make this a big success.