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No matter how badly you sing, Bev Brown wants YOU for her choir, Sounds International.

IMG_3828Bev visited the club this week (the 20th Aug) and quickly captured the attention of our men by telling us that 90 odd (that's approx. not strange) women were waiting to meet us at Sounds International choir.

The choir is very short of baritone and tenor singing men, hence the visit and appeal.

They meet every Tuesday 7:30 till 9:30  at Stamperland Parish Church for rehearsals.

More at Sounds International

We were delighted to receive Rotarian visitors Greg & Kathleen Boswell all the way from Sedalia, Missouri USA. They were our speakers for the last meeting before our summer (!) holidays and explained about their amazing project to celebrate the great cattle drives from Texas up to Sedalia, one of the key transport crossing points in the centre of the USA.

A set of amazing brass sculptures of cowboys, cattle, dogs etc. were commissioned and now stand proudly in the site of the Missouri State Fair. All thanks to the efforts of local Rotarians.

More here Trails End Website

Their enthusiasm for the project was catching as was one of their reasons for choosing to visit Eastwood Rotary Club - the old TV series "Rawhide" (remember 'Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'... move 'em up, move 'em on... keep them doggies rollin' etc etc) was the programme that made Clint Eastwood a star. Yes, Eastwood...

We have an open invitation to Sedalia, Missouri anytime. Who's up for it?

We were delighted to be contacted by our recent visitor from France, William Rakotomalala, who sent us these wonderful pictures from Senegal.

William is a member of an E-Club, a virtual Rotary Club that meets online. More details at

Meantime, William writes:

"Greetings from Senegal for a wonderful stay also, attached are some pics. The same environment and atmosphere we have in Madagascar.
Now is the mango season, so abundant and cheap, which we can't actually see that much and afford in Europe!"