Monthly Archives: August 2017


Barbara Grant returned from a short trip to Orkney which she had visited with family friends.

She provided a short talk on her experiences there with recommendations on what to see, what not to see and, most stridently, where not to stay in Drumnadrochit!

Skara Brae, Ring of Brodgar, Standing Stones of Stenness, the Italian Chapel and St Magnus Cathedral all got the thumbs up.

She even managed to sneak in a wee folk singing evening in the local hostelry and a visit to Sheila Fleet's famous jewellery factory.

All in all, a pretty jam-packed two days on the island.



Congratulations to our 10 pin bowling team (we have a team?), who defeated Kilwinning last night ensuring we advance into the next round of the Fellowship Challenge.

Once we found a bowling ball with finger holes big enough for Ronnie's hands, we were off and running.

Top scorers of the night were George B and Steve tho we still are not sure how the scoring worked on the rather antiquated system in place at The Garage in Kilmarnock.

Special mention to Rob who allowed himself to be carefully ushered to the appropriate lane to bowl, and didn't get upset at our constant screaming at him - "Rob! Rob! The OTHER Lane!"

And of course, without Catherine and Margaret, the RA RA girls complete with short skirts and pom poms, and their continued singing of...

"Give us an E, Give us an A..." etc

... would we have won? We can't be sure. But it was inspirational.

Onwards and upwards for Team Eastwood.